Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's make a LIST!

I recently realized that the number of nap routines, blanket nicknames and critically important nightlight arrangements is at an all-time high! In honor of this feat (if I do say so myself), I have made a list of favorite children and their guilty habits...

1. Maya- loves running down hallways, her plastic tiger, and giving her sister sloppy kisses.
2. Jillian- says "esh" to anything she wants, carries a spare binkie, and is easily drugged by the not-so-mainstream DVD series, Signing Time (blech).
3. Nia- world's most mature preschooler, prefers not to be alone upstairs during nap time, eats lots of hummus and enjoys dancing like a rock star. Fabulous hair.
4. Clara- dramatic abilities are unparalled, especially when her parents are leaving, eats like a QUEEN (her sandwiches have Salumi Salami, really!), changes her own clothes at least eight times daily.
5. Skylar- tosses his head back when he's really laughing hard, doesn't enjoy abstract birthday gifts (an adventure? where's my present?), superhero-obsessed
6. Kakeru- speaks Japanese, but can count to 100 in English--usually does so when he's in trouble, likes taking puzzles and throwing the pieces down his indoor elephant slide, a vegetarian.
7. Sam- laughs like Bart Simpson, age 2, likes to hear Bible stories with his name in them, pops his collar.
8. Lane- wants desperately to be a real cowboy, likes to cuddle, calls his cousin "Skittle."

They are precious, and I am with them ALL the time.