Sunday, October 21, 2007

the good life

There's something sweet and quiet about the end of good days, when you've spent time with people whom you adore and who happen to love you back, and there's a whole lot of hope for another good day tomorrow.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Blog Negligence

Nearly a month has passed, people... And in that month, my life has changed in unspeakably dramatic ways. Okay, that's the cheesy, cliche-writing woman in me, but things have been a bit turbulent.

Item 1: I am relocating. I am moving from my lovely home on Queen Anne to some unknown location, with Kelsey in tow, of course. We didn't plan things this way, but I'm feeling quite content that it will be another adventure for us, and maybe it will be refreshing to be away from the world of the QA stroller derby. Perhaps? For now, we're all just enjoying each other while we still can. I thought things would be painfully awkward once we decided to move out, but they're not. It's like maturity hit or something. :) Christmas is our departure date, so we'll see how that goes.

Item 2: I QUIT MY JOB. That's right, no longer a victim of the Evil Queen am I. No more listening to The Squawk for fifteen minutes each afternoon during payroll pandemonium. No more wondering why my boss hasn't shown up at half past noon. No more reminding people of my name (it's not Heidi, thanks). I'm heading to work at my church, helping to run their "preschool" program, which is more like childcare, but frankly, it's not filing. And I think they might bother to learn my name. It's clearly an upgrade. :)

Also, I'm hooked on three books right now and can't decide which to pick up. Ack! Middlesex=SO good, but it's long and seems like it might be one of those books that demands emotional commitment--is that something other people experience? Some books just require less energy to consume, absorb, enjoy, etc. Another luscious find is The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. It's a cultural enrichment moment for me, and it's another one I just can't read before bed. Too thought-provoking, my dreams are kooky.

Tomorrow we're taking our engagement pictures! :) We will be JCrew incarnate.