Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not that I'm opening that can o' worms again...

If I were to plan another wedding, this J.Crew confection would be the first one I'd try.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodbye, Sweet House

My parents closed on the sale of our house in Parker this week. But the new owners are really cute--young newlyweds, just like us! :)

Farewell, 11602 Sagewood Lane. Thanks for the memories.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my favorite Seattle food blogs is called All You Can Eat, written by Seattle Times' Nancy Leson. It's, forgive me, delicious. She's almost always teasing me with some new restaurant review, an almost-simple-enough-that-it's-possible recipe, or a warm, fuzzy human interest story that involves donuts and rollie pollie children.

Today Nancy posted about something I'm, here I go again, going to chew on a bit. (Bunny trail alert: I blame the incessant punnery on Susan Boyle, the woman who has inspired every cliche in my soul to rise up and SEIZE THE DAY.)

Said chewing is on a project via The United Way, called the Hunger Challenge. The goal is to eat all three meals on $7 each day--salt and pepper don't count, but every other item does. You can't use any items already stocked in the pantry, fridge or sock drawer.

The $7 daily max (only $12 for two-person households) is based on the daily value of food stamps for Washington residents. Yeah, not much. I couldn't believe it either.

So I'm thinking about taking this challenge, and of course, Nancy's blog gives a bunch of great ideas for how to follow the other rules--include protein, fresh veggies and fruit, and refuse any food "gifting" from family, friends, or the guest chef at Metropolitan Market (like you'll even go near that place on the $7 diet).

Any takers? :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Evidence That Demands a Verdict*

Last night I cleaned out the deep, dark recesses of my deep, dark purse. There was one witness, my husband. This is what he saw.

1. Receipts from Target, Target, J.Crew, my therapist (ha! they don't give receipts, silly), Metropolitan Market, Safeway, Target, Thai Tom, and Ten Pachi Hair Salon. Speaks volumes.
2. One ham sandwich, from yesterday, mind you, but still. A ham sandwich in my purse. I am a bag lady.
3. An apple. To match sandwich, obviously.
4. Take-out menu from Cedars. 
5. At least five wrappers from the green tea echinacea lozenges I've been sucking down this week. SO good. It's my favorite thing about sick. 
6. More receipts from Target, this time for returns (see #1).
7. Random checkbook.
8. Two phones--one working iPhone, one nonworking Razor.
9. Three earrings and one rhinestone, costume-like necklace. From a certain Cinderella costume at, ahem, Halloween.
10. Church bulletins from two very different churches. 
11. Samples of Cetaphil Face Wash, Purpose Daily Cleanser, and Aquaphor. Somebody loves her some dermatology office!
12. Two letters, both stamped and addressed. From two weeks ago.
13. Pen I took from J.Crew the day I spontaneously applied to work at the new Crewcuts. Pen was taken after I told the hiring manager that I "already have a real job." Shining moment. They have yet to call. 
14. One size four diaper. You JUST NEVER KNOW. The nanny in me never dies.
15. Four balled-up kleenexes. 
16. Key to Kelsey's old car.
17. Key to Kelsey's new car.
18. Key to Brittany's house.
19. My 2009 to-do list (many items already checked, surprisingly!).
20. My favorite hot-pink MAC Lipglass. 

Take the clean-purse challenge, folks. Now tell me what you find!

*Obviously I am making a biblical allusion. Or at least one to annoyingly titled Christian literature. Get with it.