Wednesday, June 4, 2008

List of Grievances

1. Snotty preschool teachers who DO NOT ACCOMMODATE PICKY EATERS. Okay, I get it.
2. Not knowing what Tim Winton meant when he talked about the sweet momentum of writing a novel. Really? Momentum that feels as delicious as reading itself? That is something I'm still searching for.
3. The ugly return of big plastic homeschooler glasses. I was homeschooled, people, I'm allowed to say that. Tis a trend that needs not catch on.
4. Children who refuse to sleep. Children who slap their mothers in the face. And children who throw their food on the floor as a means of protest.
5. The fact that Adobe is denying me access to ALL downloads until the beginning of July. I'm sorry, I need to use InDesign immediately to figure out the wedding programs. HELP.
6. Children who are constantly watching television or eating nonfoodlikesubstances or making hissing noises. Sheesh.
7. Not being able to ride my bike without having MAJOR bodily harm--either because I'm hyperventilating from the damn hills or because I decide to ride directly into the path of a yellow cab.
8. Getting "declines with regret" in the mail, and then running into someone I really like but knowing we didn't/couldn't make room for them in the first place.
9. Obnoxious tenants who are afraid of SPIDERS.
10. Inconsistent emailers. It's so easy to hit reply, why wait?

Thanks for reading this edition of my List of Grievances. I promise I'll cheer up tomorrow. ;)

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