Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Habits I've Formed Since Moving to the Other Side of Town

1. Plan large Christmas party without any grasp on how many people can actually fit into our living room.
2. Cook incessantly in a kitchen that's got storage for ALL my mixing bowls.
3. Curse the state of our 1940s stovetop (three burners, two get hot-ish).
4. Experiment with oven that is known to "keep getting hotter."
5. Call police upon suspicions of car prowlers.
6. Stop at UVillage every time I drive by (at least twice a day).
7. Make returns to UVillage when I remember that I still don't have a job and the whole stinkin' world is in financial ruin and it doesn't matter how cute those pillows are I already have cute pillows.
9. Rake more leaves.
10. Bag leaves.
11. Trek to City People's to buy leaf bags.
12. Call Seattle Public Utilities (the new SPU) and burst into tears when customer service agent yells at me.
13. Leave message for said agent's supervisor about SUCH misconduct. Rude.
14. Continue working the exact same jobs I had one year ago (not the plan, but not so bad).
15. Spend days volunteering at most random places, but enjoying it all the while.
16. Watching Marie Antoinette and other movies in our giveaway pile.
17. Obsess over the John Adams miniseries from Netflix and tear up with patriot pride.
18. Shop online for Christmas gifts for myself (guilty).
19. Read ten thousand reviews on Twilight.
20. Start three new books, can't decide which to commit to.



Maryann said...

Have you seen Twilight yet? And what books are you trying to decide between? And I want to see you soon!

Linda said...

I would not recommend Twilight the movie. Not as good as the books.
I love UVillage. I'm glad I don't live so close. I would stop twice a day too!