Friday, January 23, 2009

I Need a Kick Start

I'm looking for a cheap fix to my month-long writer's block, and I have two possible options. First, I'd like to discuss what's on your checklist of favorite websites to pop in to, more than just the blogs (since I can see those for myself on your OWN blog). I sometimes marvel at how much time I can spend gouging my eyes out with, and then am even more amazed at the number of times I reference it throughout the day.

It's humiliating, but in this strange way that somehow still feels worth it.

So, here ya go. All the stops I no particular order. ;)

*NYTimes (the headlines, food section, and the "Most Emailed" list)
* (hopefully not for long!)
*Feministing (but frankly, I have to do this in moderation, because I'm not quite that liberal...yet)
*Chow Foods
*MTV to watch back episodes of The Hills  (v. embarrassing)

Okay, now dish. Where do you go when you need some junk food for your cerebral cortex?


B Mama said...

Since you like Etsy you might like Hyena Cart too. They are similar.

JJ said...

(Sort of embarrassed that I so enjoy this website, but they are so deliciously biting in their commentary...I laugh aloud every time...)