Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Giving in to the Madness

Not only have I willingly succumbed to the goofy plot that is Doppelganger Week, I just trotted over to to, ahem, learn more about myself. Don't worry, I edited this for flattery's sake.

Holly: A word used to describe a beautiful and bright being.
Usually linked to a girl of average height with blonde hair and brown eyes.

Symptons of being a Holly:
- excessive loudness (no volume control)
- sometimes lives in a fantasy world- believes herself to be a princess
- Tendency to dress in a lot of pastel coloured pink
- likes to be liked & loves the people closest to her dearly

Other attributes of Hollys:
- Hardworking, motivated and ambitious
- Creative, artistic and emotive
- romantic, confident and passionate

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