Friday, February 25, 2011


I can't tell you how delightful it feels...

 put some creative SPRING back in my step.

Even though my only camera is on my phone...

I think you can tell I've been quite busy.

(Ruby likes to observe the art up close. Preferably
while she's wearing adult clothing.)

I roasted a lady-like chicken for sustenance.

And I made a plum tart/pie/thing for dessert.
(I ate this whole thing by myself while Dustin
suffered through P90X in the other room. Sucker.)

Then I spent some time with a mismatched baby.

(I adore him.) (My use of parentheses is wild and rampant.)

Then we flew to California so I could hold my other favorite baby, Ike.



loverstreet said...

that is the most ladylike chicken i have ever seen! i hope she was delish.

Diane Harris, Interactive Editor said...

I better be getting some artwork for Mother's Day! Yippeee!!