Monday, February 11, 2008

Series of Ridiculous Events


Body paragraph.

1. In state of induced DayQuil coma, I walk outside in my pajamas at noon on Saturday to mail a check (late of course) to an Etsy vendor who now thinks I'm a criminal who doesn't pay for handmade goods. But before I venture down our rickety stairs, I reach back to lock the door, like any good person would. Alas, I am quickly become "That Person Who Locked Self Out of House While Entire World Caucuses." It was a long two hours, and it was a landslide anyway. Great work, Holly.

2. Buy several cute valentines for lovable people in my life. Neglect to mail them before appropriate postal cut-off date. Excellent.

3. Attend Friday's political rally with the expectation that 1)my heaving chest won't be an issue, and 2)I will be able to hear above the thunderous crowd of high schoolers that have apparently been allowed to attend with the principal's permission. I'm glad I went--it was certainly a good experience in gaining a little hands-on insight, but in the future I think I'll stick to watching the YouTube debates and reading NYT profiles and voting histories. I was hoping for a conversion experience, and it just didn't happen for me. I'm still supporting the candidate, I'm just not impressed with the whole rally part.

4. Call Dustin in fit of self-pity (pathetic ill child that I am) and promptly harass him into coming to pick me up--I want a cupcake, and I want it now. Adjust attitude immediately.

5. Search online for information about free online tax filing and dive right in. This is very unlike me, to be afraid of something for six months and then accomplish said frightful task in about an hour. Or maybe it is like me...

6. Email designer to ask for custom letterpressed wedding invitations for about $20 total, expect legitimate answer to be YES.

Conclusion: I have been in bed too long. Tomorrow I must get OUT.

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