Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Calgon, Take Me Away

Caller: Hi, I need to make an appointment to speak with a career counselor.
Sugary Sweet Secretary (SSS): Okay, great! Um, how about you drop in this afternoon?
Caller: Hmm, I thought the drop-in sessions were mainly for "quick questions." I'm a relatively recent grad looking for a full-time position.
SSS: (Silence).
Caller: This isn't really a "quick question," it's more like, "What do I do with my life?"
SSS: (Preceded by weak laughter) Oh, what was your major?
Caller: (Silence)... English and Spanish.
SSS: Ahhhkay. Well let's set you up with a longer appointment then. How's Friday?
Caller: I am WIDE OPEN.

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Carly said...

Oh Holly, I adore you. This e-mail truly made my day. I am not trying to make your unemployment sound laughable, but your good humor in dealing with it makes me smile.

English majors of the world unite! We clearly weren't in it for the money.