Saturday, October 3, 2009

Being my mother's daughter

It's taken nearly twenty years, but I have finally caught the bug my mom has always tried to give me--SEWING. Now it may sound a little unexciting to you, this novel idea of stitches and thread and fabric, oh my! But folks, let me tell you something. This is big. Because I have just found a new hobby, and I have the world's greatest link to that hobby in my super-connected-quilting-editor mother. This means my new hobby is subsidized!

Please enjoy the following snapshots of creative chaos. Dustin is loving the trail of threads and lack of time spent together. Ha! Just kidding. He's egging me on, every minute. Most minutes.

Pile of scraps, airmailed by la madre. Grazie!

Favorite small child, joining in creative expression.

Tadah! New pillow. Lumpy corners.

Future baby blanket? I think yes! Perfect? I think not!

I'm a sewing MACHINE. :)


loverstreet said...

love it!

Britt@artbybritt said...

AH! I love it! So fun! Do you have a machine or are you doing this by hand?? You might need to teach me...

DH Stitches said...

My parenting was a success. I am complete. Hallelujah!

Seriously sweetie, it looks fabulous! So happy for the passion you have discovered!