Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Better and Worse

I ran across this old G-chat in a search today (hold that thought--isn't it creepy that our conversations are saved?), and I thought I'd share. Nothing groundbreaking, but I think it illuminates what our friends and family have known all along, and especially during that hellaciously fun period known as engagement--OPPOSITES ATTRACT. And don't worry, we won the contest. :)

March 2008...

me: yoohoo?
what's your social security number?
Dustin: hi
why do you need to know?
me: for the waiver thingie
Dustin: ehm
me: for the invite contest
Dustin: i don't understand why they need to know tho
me: i don't know
i think it's legit
weddingbee is the sponsor
Dustin: even so... what could they need it for
me: i don't know
Dustin: i just feel like if we don't need to give it to them, we shouldn't
... maybe i'm paranoid
me: dustin it's part of the contract
Dustin: :-/
me: they have a lawyer
don't make that face at ME! :)
Dustin: :)
me: <3
Dustin: i just would like to ask them if it's really necessary
me: oh my GOSH
we are going to be ELIMINATED unless we get it in by 9:00am
Dustin: Holly, it just doesn't seem like something i'd want to take a chance on
me: well they already have mine
Dustin: i don't mind telling you what it is... don't you feel like it's sketchy at all?
me: no, i really trust weddingbee (they have contests like this all the time, from really reputable companies like vera wang)
Dustin: i'm sorry for asking about it... i just don't hand it out ... especially for a contest like this when it doesn't seem like they'd need it
me: fair enough
i totally understand your suspicions
i thought of it too, but i decided all things pointed to legitimacy. i mean it's FREE INVITATIONS
Dustin: johnny was talking about how he was almost gypped and the whole process seemed so screwy and far-fetched, i couldn't believe that he came so close to losing TONS of money!
me: we're not giving them any money though. maybe i'll just leave that question blank.


Carly said...

Best post ever (top five, at least). I've already said it once this guys are my favorite.

Britt@artbybritt said...

Oh my gosh. I just love this. You 2 are SO great!

kelsrenee said...

I remember when this conversation took place :)