Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lighter Notes

The summer we got married, Dustin and I had obscene amounts of free time. Being a teacher does come with that perk, and I was just unemployed. At that point, it was still fun not having a job.

We decided to start a little video podcast with reviews of restaurants we'd venture off to, and although we only made it through a handful of episodes, I still like to watch them. Partly because I am vain and need to know what I look like when I talk (freakish amounts of white around the eyes, fyi). Partly because I like to see how much we've changed in the short time we've been doing this marriage thing. It's incredible how much more I know about this person, even when I was sure I knew it all. I knew nothing of Dustin's sink disposal phobias. Nothing of his need to sleep with elbows up, ready to accidentally knock my lights out. Nothing of his willingness to do my laundry. Every. Week.

The links to our little show are here at our old wedding website--hopefully they'll lead you to some fun Seattle haunts and steer you clear of the lame spots. Bon appetit!

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