Friday, January 1, 2010


There is something about January 1st that ushers in a pesky sense of ennui for me. It's not that I don't love the holidays, and it's not that I'm really sad they're over, either. I just get really, really lonely, like I've finally become friends with the past year and now I'm moving away.

We've been shuffling through our house these last two days with a combination of relief and exhaustion--just five days of Christmas travel wore us out! But even through the mopes, I can look back on 2009 and see many happy moments. More exciting though (I hope), is my newfound determination to create a Bucket List. No time like the present, eh?

1. Take a cooking class in a foreign country.
2. Share a meal with a famous person who doesn't know I know she's famous (stalking?).
3. Explore the vast variety of Christian traditions... read more.
4. Visit a monastery (see #3).
5. Live in a place where I am a minority.
6. Give away 30% of my income for an entire year.
7. Float in the Dead Sea.
8. Own a Burberry trench coat.
9. Write a book about food and childhood.
10. Learn the rules of soccer so that I may teach my children.
11. Name a child after someone I love.
12. Sew a quilt for my mom.
13. Participate in mental health care advocacy.
14. Find my perfect lipstick color.
15. Appreciate the texture of my hair.
16. Figure out how to make my money grow.
17. Run a 5K. Alone.
18. Run a 10K. With Dustin.
19. Vacation with friends.
20. Care for a foster child.
21. Attend a benefit gala for a museum.
22. Volunteer at big city library.
23. Grow chard with great success.
24. Learn about metabolism.
25. Wear short hair.
26. Appreciate my nose.
27. Knit a baby blanket.
28. Drive a vintage Mercedes.
29. Swim across a lake.
30. Celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary.

I'll keep you posted on how many I can check off in 2010, but I'm hoping I make tracks...

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Maryann said...

I love them all, but #11 stuck out to me. I've been going through really old family photos and finding out what some of my family names are--even though they're from people I've never met. But fun names like Gilead and Clarence and Alfonso. Lately though I've been thinking that if I had a daughter I'd like to name her Nora, after my maternal grandmother. Anyway, good list and I join you in your melancholy.

P.S., my word verification is 'murge,' which I kind of like as it seems like a combo of 'merge' and 'purge.'