Thursday, September 20, 2007

jumble jumble whoa

I've got a flurry of things to think and spew right onto my delicate little macbook keys. Not sure there will be much a thread here.

First of all...I just got an email from my super-hip friend who happens to be an SPU art professor. And we're going for drinks. I'm so thrilled. Not just because I'm getting to know this savvy, warm, likable person, but because it feels good to meet for drinks with another adult.

Speaking of adulthood, my job is still relatively banal. (Correct usage, anyone? Where's Grammar Girl when you need her?) The Squawk hung up on someone four times in a row yesterday, I learned that internet surfing leads to 3-day suspensions, and Christmas vacation is but a state institution's collapse away. Observation: these women need to leave their cubicles for more than coffee. These women need to find some hobbies. Pronto.

Wedding plans are on the up and up! Woot! We picked our photographer, and he's laid-back and the epitome of chill (I don't think I'm able to pull that off, but it's a blog, right?)...Speaking of, the picture up there is my current wedding inspiration--the photo credits belong to Michele M. Waite, what a fun feel!

ALSO, the book club is about to begin. Three SPU English majors are joining with in what promises to be a raucous exploration of elevated beach reads. Okay, we'll try and get past the "Devil Wears Fill-in-the-Blank" most of the time, but we'll still gobble those ones up when we can. Our first pick is Carly's suggestion: Rotten English. How appropriate, since most of us have succumbed to the reality that all those jerks who suspected English majors wouldn't find cool jobs, well, they were right. At least for the moment.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about my sweet idea for post-bac education in the form of a single website. It might make me a millionaire.

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