Saturday, September 8, 2007

thirty years of her life

So this new job... I'll head into Day 5 on Monday, and I have already spent a significant amount of time and energy brainstorming reasons I might necessarily resign. Among them, I have contemplated "health difficulties," meaning that if I have to file one more packing slip for Human DNA or 300 lab mice (to be injected and poked, eww), I may lose my sanity=health difficulties. Also, an opportunity that "I just can't pass up" sounds feasible, which might translate as a flashback to my former life as a playground supervisor, aka Nanny Extraordinaire.

On Friday, The Squawk held a part-time researcher captive in her cubicle for approximately 30 minutes. All of this harassment stemmed from his lavish decision to take seven hours of vacation time, when he, as a part-time employee, is only entitled to four. According to our grand state, the one named after the first president, the one who fought for...liberty, the said researcher may only take four hours vacation time, and therefore he must pay. No lunch for YOU, said The Squawk.

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Maryann Shaw said...

I'm so glad we got to chat tonight, and hope work gets better. I think that having a blog can be part of that staying sharp in between being in school... :)