Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Latest GoodReads

So last spring my friend invited me to join, and although I had no time to really explore it at the time, I joined and created a little profile. Now that we have our BOOK CLUB (wahoo!), I can't wait to spend more and more hours perusing everyone's brilliant suggestions and reviews.

My latest list of to-reads:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Kingsolver)
The Omnivore's Dilemma
Rotten English (thank you, Carly)
The is NOT Chick Lit (thank you, Kels)
The End of the Affair
Heat (Buford)
Dark Alphabet (Jennifer Maier)

WHICH REMINDS ME! My dear friend and professor, the poet Jennifer Maier, was featured on none other than The Writer's Almanac last Friday, September 14. As if I needed another reason to idolize such a sassafras, The Venerable Garrison Keillor spoke her poem with such velvety charisma I nearly had to lie down.

Without further ado...

Love at First Sight

You always hear about it-
a waitress serves a man two eggs
over easy and she says to the cashier,
That is the man I'm going to marry,
and she does. Or a man spies a woman
at a baseball game; she is blond
and wearing a blue headband,
and, being a man, he doesn't say this
or even think it, but his heart is a homing bird
winging to her perch, and next thing you know
they're building birdhouses in the garage.
How do they know, these auspicious lovers?
They are like passengers on a yellow
bus painted with the dreams
of innumerable lifetimes, a packet
of sepia postcards in their pocket.
And who's to say they haven't traveled
backward for centuries through borderless
lands, only to arrive at this roadside attraction
where Chance meets Necessity and says,
What time do you get off?

by Jennifer Maier from Dark Alphabet

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