Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This may not be the biggest of big, but in my world, it's significant. In a nutshell, John McCain's website had recently posted several of his wife's favorite family recipes--turns out, they are actually just highlights from THE FOOD NETWORK. Read the full article here, but in the mean time, let me say this: Why wasn't anybody annoyed that Cindy McCain is being reduced to a GOOD COOK on her husband's website? ARGH! Really? She makes a nice Farfalle with Turkey Sausage? Is that ALL?

The recipe theft (thanks to a stupid intern, shocking) was bad enough, but add the gross "My Little Lady Cooks Real Nice and She'll be the Best First Lady Yet" attitude, and boy, yuck. But then I continued on, and lo and behold, another article in The New York Sun published recipes from Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, but none from our old prez, The Other Spouse of a Presidential Candidate.

Good grief.

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kelsrenee said...

yeah, for real. thank you.