Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mark Bittman, He's on My List

Not that Dustin and I actually have Lists, but if we did, I'd put Mark Bittman on mine. Honestly, this guy is the master of culinary LEGENDS. He's the perfect mix of New York slick and homegrown sass.

Who is this mystery man, this genius that I secretly stalk every Wednesday? He's The Minimalist, the New York Times go-to chef, who I, in my youthful ignorance, have only recently discovered. But I'm making up for lost time, folks, because I'm watching all the demo videos the archives will let me, and I've added his cookbooks to my Amazon wishlist. I'm a superfan.

Mark (first name basis, duh) has a blog you might like too, it's called Bitten. He updates MANY times a day, so like me, you can feel connected to Mark all day, every day.

So definitely check him out in tomorrow's Times, but if you're wondering if I'm just a crazed fan, watch this video. Even small children can't help but love him.


Maryann, someday you'll have to teach me how to upload videos. :)

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Maryann said...

Ok, I need your address so I can come over and bother you and Kelsey! (but not really) and teach you how to upload!