Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La Inspiracion de Maryann: TOP FIVES

Top five things I can't live without, under five dollars:
1. Stamps, in order to support my favorite part of the government, the United States Postal Service
2. Wild Plum Eye Cream SAMPLES, from my hippie skin care guru
3. Bon Appetit
4. Reusable shopping bags from Trader Joe's (love the Hawaiian one especially, even though I always forget to bring that little guy along)
5. Novelty socks from the J.Crew clearance rack, because they're only less than five bucks when they're on clearance these days

Five favorite movies:
1. My Best Friend's Wedding
2. Crash
3. Steel Magnolias
4. Life is Beautiful (Italian version)
5. Gone with the Wind
(Good thing Dr. Rendleman has totally forgotten about me, he'd be ashamed he gave me an A in film class. HA.)

Five songs always on REPEAT:
1. Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells (thanks, Kels)
2. DREAMGIRLS performed by Beyonce and friends
3. Holiday in Spain by Counting Crows
4. The Hammer Holds by Bebo Norman
5. Claire de Lune by Debussy

Five people who have influenced me in the best of ways:
1. Mindi Jaastad Morse, lifelong piano teacher
2. Ginger Barnhart, nanny momma
3. Jennifer Maier, writing professor and fellow food lover
4. Gary McCusker, counselor, pastor, father figure
5. Pablo Picasso (I'm not being a poser, I did a project and I really fell in love)

Five moments that changed my life (other than number one, in no particular order):
1. Meeting Dustin during freshmen orientation at SPU
2. Finding a pair of jeans that make me feel SO GOOD about my butt/learning to like my body the way it REALLY is...this was the same moment, oddly enough
3. Caring for someone with a mental illness, never just a moment though
4. Resigning from my first and only Grown Up Job
5. My first conversation with a native Spanish speaker in the DR

Five current obsessions:
1. Wedding (duh, like I can help it)
2. Our new couch
3. My Netflix wishlist
4. Cooking to soothe my creative longings
5. Learning to be a better communicator

Five places I would like to go:
1. Switzerland
2. Disneyland with Dustin, so he can restore my faith in it
3. On a gourmet cooking vacation in Europe with Sonja and Kelsey
4. A tour of Latin America to visit all of our humanitarian-aid-giving friends: Costa Rica, Monterrey, Bolivia, Guatemala, and the DR
5. Victoria, to stay in The Empress

Five foods/meals that make me melt:
1. Chipotle Carnitas Burritos with extra corn salsa
2. Mom's chicken salad on croissants
3. chips and salsa
4. cobb salad
5. EGGS BENEDICT (with crabcakes? ECSTASY)

Five peeps who should also make this post:
1. Carly
2. Meguire
3. Kelsey
4. JJ (doubt he reads this, but this comment will prove telling)
5. Mom (start a blog already, dummy)

This was SO enjoying, to be so self-absorbed for fifteen minutes. Therapy. Loved it.


Maryann said...

Great responses! I'm adding your bonus round to my own...

Mother of the Bride said...

Five reasons why your momma shouldn't start a blog right now:
1. my friends and family would freak out if they knew half the thoughts I was having at this time of my life.

2. people my age aren't comfortable putting their innermost thoughts and feelings ONLINE for everyone in the world to see.

3. it would mean learning how to upload photos, something I have yet to do.

4.I'm such a multi-faceted person, how would I ever pick a theme, avatar, header, and so on?

5. These things could be used against me in a court of law. (see #1)