Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If You Could See Me Now

There are about five zillion things swirling around my brain tonight, not the least of which are the following:

*Leaky ceilings, unintentionally whitewashed parking lots, and the countdown to residential freedom
*Juggling job search drama (when to accept, when to wait, when to say BASTA and accept my fate as a perma-nanny)
*Trips to the Country Home Buffet for family functions
*Remembering to send well-wishes/myself to every wedding in the tri-county region
*Sharing the darn car with the patient husband
*Paying the darn bills even though our bank accounts have yet to connect
*Rain in Seattle, as if the Northwest has just GIVEN UP on sunshine and the prospect of a decently long summer
*Renting apartments by the truckload and dealing with some surprisingly catty contractors
*Wishing I had access to a television/the DNC.

That is all. Pray for peace in my brain.

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