Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We're "Adjusting"

Here's the scene: Two newlyweds sharing their cramped bathroom as they ready themselves for a night of air-conditioned-less sleep. I am plucking my eyebrows, while Dustin is...well, read and see.

Dustin: Is that candle in there the smelly kind?
Me: What candle?
Dustin: The one that I just lit, the one in the closet.
Me: Do you mean you lit a candle in the closet? (all the while thinking OF COURSE HE TOOK IT OUT OF THE CLOSET! I AM THE APARTMENT MANAGER! WE ARE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE!)
Dustin: Does a bear have HAIR?
Me: (opening closet to find said candle burning inside) Are you KIDDING ME? You are responsible for the education of small children!
Dustin: Oh wow! I guess I forgot that I shut the closet door!

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