Thursday, September 25, 2008

Uh- Oh

Having a bad day. So annoyed that I plan to blog v. much like Bridget Jones.

1. Went back as a sub at my old job, enjoyed myself, wished v. badly I had a job I loved.
2. Got honked at by snob in Jeep as I drove patiently behind a struggling cyclist on a huge hill. (No room to pass, lady! CALMATE!)
3. V. dizzy, slight headache.
4. Sloppy internet connection makes it impossible to upload ANYTHING to FB.
5. Reported a drip in the corner of coffee shop, the drip that was landing on a piece of art by a local student. Request to remove said art promptly ignored with a smile. Artist going to starve due to dripped on brilliance.
6. Have to go to blasted finance class tonight. Not fun.
7. Can't seem to finish book about slave labor in Saipan. Feel guilty that I think 'tis boring.
8. Miss the sun.
9. Pants too short, too tight.
10. Not enough stamps to mail my packet.

Bonus: Derek and Meredith are too good to be true, and tonight the dream may die.

I'll be back tomorrow, in better spirits. Cheerio.

1 comment:

DH Stitches said...

First of all, they CANNOT let the dream die, what would the show be about then? so don't worry! Secondly, when you have a bad day, the BEST thing you can do is to write about it. KUDOS, Babe!

And at the end of a bad day, I always think to myself that nobody I love has cancer, I don't have a chemo appointment tomorrow, and I didn't accidentally hit someone's child on a bike yesterday. Kind of puts it all in perspective. lalu~