Sunday, September 28, 2008

While Discussing the Grocery List...


Husband: I don't want to get crackers at Trader Joe's. Their snack food tastes too--homemade.
Wife: Would you rather have snacks that taste a little more, um, factory-made?
Husband: Yeah, yeah, like the stuff I grew up on! That TJ's stuff tastes like BARK!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Uh- Oh

Having a bad day. So annoyed that I plan to blog v. much like Bridget Jones.

1. Went back as a sub at my old job, enjoyed myself, wished v. badly I had a job I loved.
2. Got honked at by snob in Jeep as I drove patiently behind a struggling cyclist on a huge hill. (No room to pass, lady! CALMATE!)
3. V. dizzy, slight headache.
4. Sloppy internet connection makes it impossible to upload ANYTHING to FB.
5. Reported a drip in the corner of coffee shop, the drip that was landing on a piece of art by a local student. Request to remove said art promptly ignored with a smile. Artist going to starve due to dripped on brilliance.
6. Have to go to blasted finance class tonight. Not fun.
7. Can't seem to finish book about slave labor in Saipan. Feel guilty that I think 'tis boring.
8. Miss the sun.
9. Pants too short, too tight.
10. Not enough stamps to mail my packet.

Bonus: Derek and Meredith are too good to be true, and tonight the dream may die.

I'll be back tomorrow, in better spirits. Cheerio.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is Me, Living in a Dream

I know I've been posting a lot of snippets about design-y stuff lately, and most of it has been found with the help of other obsessive blog readers...but last night, I looked at Dustin and asked him this: "Did you know that I'm kind of going through a modern design phase right now?" He just stared at me.

So what? So, his less than enthusiastic response means I need all the moral blog support I can get when I write this design-y posts. Get excited with me, PLEASE!

Because all I want for Christmas is this Orla Kiely chair...

Found via Design*Sponge, available through Heal's UK

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That Was Refreshing!

Thank you for all the inspired comments about the crap you enjoy eating. It made me feel better about my own dirty little secrets. :)

Now I don't think anything's more fun to talk about than food, but here's my next best offer: Let's trade Etsy Favorites! I'm sure there's already a way to share your favorite sellers somehow, but my theory is that posting here on my blog will offer these artists just a sliver of publicity, and that may be enough to eventually win their hearts/make them want to give me free art. Somehow.

Because linking all of these would make my little head explode, just type in a name below, like this: "".

helveticaneue (as seen above!)

Now tell me your favorites, quick!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet 'n Low

I have been avoiding this post for a long time, mostly because it's going to reveal some humble truths about the way I like to eat. And for someone who calls herself a foodie, humble food (or pie!) isn't exactly boast-worthy. In fact, it's downright embarrassing. But I finally decided that enough is ENOUGH, and I am sick of reading food blogs that berate the Hostess fan, lampoon the closet McDonald's lover, and implore addicts of High Fructose Corn Syrup to "just say no."

Just say yes, I say!

So, in quiet moderation, or until you've the courage to eat your Mickey D's in the presence of Anthony Bourdain himself, try indulging in some of my favorite "lower rung" delights. No judgment allowed, now. This is me being very, very vulnerable.

In no particular order...

1. Hamburger Helper. Hallelujah! I always forget about this one, because I'm constantly steering clear of this entire "dinner in a box" aisle. But baby, don't miss the stroganoff. When you're hungry fast, this is IT.
2. Late-night Taco Bell. I can't really bring myself to eat Taco Bell while it's light outside, I guess I'm afraid of seeing what's really in that taco, but after dark...I'm basically like Edward Cullen on a Mexican Pizza.
3. Pre-fab cookie dough. Yes, I know that Nestle is a pack of jerks for buying up natural resources (agua) and then profiting on them in obscene ways. Yes, I know they exploit mothers in Latin America by luring them into infant formula addiction. So don't you worry, I BUY THE SAFEWAY BRAND. And they are just as good. ;)
4. Sour Patch Kids. Dustin thought he had married an alien when I ate an entire bag this summer, having NEVER had them before. But Abbie gave us "Sour Salad" as a wedding gift, and I just couldn't say no.
5. Jalapeno Poppers. I don't care that the frozen box looks a lot like the cover of an 80's dance album. They take thirty short seconds to zap, and then I feel like I'm in a little piece of heaven. For less than five dollars.
6. McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg Sandwich. I try not to drive by McDonald's before 10:30am, that way I'll know it's not even an issue. They've already been snatched up by the lucky devils that came earlier.
7. Ramen Noodles. Three minutes? I think YES!
8. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The blue box, please. With hot dogs? EXTRA POINTS! (This is a sign that I have officially been in the babysitting biz for ten long years.)
9. Cherry Pie Filling. This one will really gross my mom out. But oh my GOSH, when it's so gooey like that? Yummmmm... That's not natural, but who cares?
10. Fanta, Fanta! Don't you want some Fanta, Fanta? Orange Fanta (or Pina Fanta, when in Rome)...makes my world go 'round.

Okay, so admit it! What are you favorite guilty pleasures? Don't get all Whole Foodsy on me, DISH!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Also, Yum.

Sometimes when I see all the glorious handmade goodies on Etsy, I wonder how Crate and Barrel stays in business. There's nothing generic about this sassasfrass. Check out Bombus on Etsy.


If I someday become the type to take weekend R&R jaunts (rather than the frenzied weekends I usually have), this will be my bag of choice. Thanks, Jane Marvel.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Treading Lightly

In the spirit of Dooce's tempered response to the, ahem, political circus of late, I am going to make one simple observation.


And then, watch Jon Stewart and be amused.