Thursday, May 8, 2008

Be Ye Not So STUPID.

Well. Well, well, well.

I guess I should start by saying this--my birthday was wonderful, complete with good blog wishes, a fabulous dinner at Palisade, new PEARLS from DW, and a birthday cake in a flower pot. That said, today has been considerably less pleasant.

If you're planning to drive down Aurora at 51 mph in a 40 mph zone, BE WARNED. There is a very cranky cop in a how-does-SPD-afford-cars-so-sporty ride who really likes to write innocent people big tickets.

And when I say big tickets, I mean $370.00 big. That's correct. Speeding, combined with expired out of state license plates (the new ones were literally in my trunk, I swear), leads to huuuuuuuuge penalties. This fiasco led to some extremely high tensions in the car (I said the f-word, no kidding), and a temptation to throw an iPhone out the window, but I did refrain.

Also, we were driving to Dustin's surgery (wisdom teeth). Blood pressure gush pre-surgery? Couldn't have been good for him.

And finally, I made Dustin a very involved cheese soup, to you know, nurse him back to health. But my cheese soup turned into more of a curdled, non-creamy, indescribable disaster. Sick. So now we're poor, hungry, and humbled. Blech.

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