Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday Wishes.

So much has happened this twenty-second year of life.

Finished school.
Cried at Ivy Cutting.
Settled on a wonderful place to have our wedding.
Moved out of a lively, memory-filled house at SPU.
Rafted down a river with some of my favorite people in life.
Played at Camp Side-by-Side with Ashley and a pack of amazing survivors.
Started my first real job.
Gave out coffee and coffee filters to some of the world's foremost geneticists.
Came home crying, quit my first real job.
Moved into my first apartment (goodbye, big ol' houses).
Saw Teatro Zinzanni with DW, delighted.
Spent my first Christmas away from my family.
Traveled to a wonderful village in the mountains of El Salvador.
Made some wonderful friends at church, felt very loved.
Cried at sad news.
Visited old friends in Colorado.
Started a wedding countdown.
Fell in love with Seattle again.
Grew up a lot, gained a lot of perspective, let go of lots, looked forward to even MORE.

Here's to a great twenty-third year!

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DH Stitches said...

beautifully said, lively writing (as always). happy happy birthday! we share this day in a special way that no one else shares. i love that!