Monday, January 14, 2008

facebook group: fly your jesus flag

Roaring with laughter, I finally caught on to something that's been swirling for quite a while: I Kissed Legalism Goodbye, Bitch (on facebook).

*Would you ever flip off a friend in church?
*Have you dropped an eff-bomb at a church sponsored sporting event?
*Have you given up shopping at
*Do you sometimes not wear shorts over your one-piece?
*Can crude jokes and explicit lyrics be life giving, when in community?
*Do you listen to “secular” music?
*Have you tuned your dial away from SPIRT105.3?
*Do you admit that sometimes the hottest girls are not modest girls?
*Have you realized that a shot of vodka probably won’t send you to a fiery hell?
*Do you smoke cigars with your religious mentors?
*Have you ever watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for a purpose other than intercessory prayer?
*Does graduation from college not necessarily require an engagement party?
*Do you sometimes just say “happy holidays”?
*Do Christian book stores sort of freak you out?
*Have you ceased to ask Jesus to delay the rapture until you get married (a.k.a. lose your virginity)?
*Have you said any of the following words during prayer (including but not limited to): damn, (holy) shit, douche-bag, bitch, ass, whore, shoot, organism, holy buckets?
*Have you stopped avoiding the word organism in conversation (because its too close to, you know, that other word)?
*Have you considered that the earth may be older than 10,000 years old (dinosaurs?)?
*Have you removed the word “heathens” from you vocabulary?
*Do you have non-Christian friends (and not just to brush up on your evangelism skills)?
*Do you dance closer than a bible apart? Wait, do you dance?
*Do you dance with people of the opposite gender? Same gender?
*Do you hug (not side-hug)?