Friday, January 11, 2008


I have a new recipe! :) And it's all miiiiiine. I don't think I stole any of this from a Food Network star, or mom, or anybody else's mom. It's mine. And, I think, quite good.

Let's call it, La Ensalata Feminista


2 parts water to 1 part quinoa (make sure to give it a quick rinse first)

Boil water, add quinoa, cook til the water's gone and you've adequately salted the goods.


orange bell pepper
Italian parsley
olive oil
white wine

So, a little sautee of the onion and pepper in the olive oil leads to the addition of those other glorious ingredients...with the white wine as the grand finale that semi-de-glazes (yes, that's a word, or enough of one for me). It's a lovely, almost tapenade-ish, production that is a treat when finally tossed with the fluffy quinoa.

It's filling, it's tasty, it's something I invented when there were NO groceries in my house. :) Enjoy!

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loverstreet said...

i stumbled across your blog via maryann's (i was her pa and on staff with carly if you need a context for what lindsey this). anyhow, i was overjoyed to discover that you too enjoy the wonders of quinoa. i can't eat wheat any more so quinoa is my staple.
i'll have to give your recipe a try!
hope all is well.