Tuesday, January 8, 2008

oh hill...

Hillary won the New Hampshire primary with a bang--and frankly, I'm really wanting to root for her. So now I'm stumped. Because I like Obama (note: not on a first name basis, is this a sign of my loyalty?). I like that he's got an interesting background, he's a parent of young children (somehow I believe that could keep him a little more compassionate than the average politician), and that he's a writer.

I REALIZE these are not qualifications for a presidency. But these, in addition to those other issues that I know to be the REAL issues, make me want to get on board. Wear an Obama pin. Put a sign in my window.

But the girl's got a lot of momentum, and she's got experience and grit and a family she's been committed to, which I think is pretty impressive.

This article in the New York Times is really fascinating--Gloria Steinem has a very interesting, a well-articulated perspective on the reasons we're still so sexist. So anyway, more food for thought.

Hard to believe that this time next year, somebody else will be wearing the president's shoes.

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